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Yes. I Sleep Inside Danfo (orun ìyà)

Yes. I sleep inside Danfo, but do you know why? No. And you’re already judging me. Hypocrite.

Mọ̀lẹ́bí (Family), I have moved to the permanent site, you can find this page here.

18 replies on “Yes. I Sleep Inside Danfo (orun ìyà)”

Beautiful writeup Keji dear. Laughed and laughed while reading……But then, pls reduce ur sleep in transit sogbo?……… God’s banner over you is ever sure…😘


Aunt Yemisi 😍 First of all, I’m glad you even read my post 💃 Second of all, mo ti gbọ́, I’ll reduce my sleep in transit 😂 Thank you ma!


Hmmm can’t stop laughing..surprised i met myself sitting on d ground….nice write-up. My love dnt forget one chance is real o😃😃😃

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😁 Thank you for reading my story! And mo ti gbọ́, you people, I’ll “try” to stop sleeping inside bus. No promises sha 🙃


So I was scrambling for funny danfo write-ups on WordPress and yours over delivered Keji. I can’t even count the number of times I laughed… LoL

But you’re wicked o. Why didn’t you call them?! The girl and her friend lost faith naw. Is no her fault. 🤣🤣🤣

This Lagos danfo is always an adventure and my sleeping habits actually come on in BRTs. You see, that AC has made me lose my stop up to six times.

Lord help us. We are tayad in this city! 😤

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Emmanuel, thank you for your comment! Me I just said I should share my experience ni o, but I am glad you enjoyed reading it.

And please dear, don’t ask me about the girl and her friend. How could they lie that kind of lie nah?? Talm ’bout, it’s not far… That korope used 15 minutes to reach? Please please and please. I don’t like what I hate o.

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